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Maximize conversions

with nShift Checkout

Maximize conversions with checkout delivery options

No one likes an abandoned cart. But often putting in the effort and research to see the reason behind it it’s not top priority. We have seen customer experience overtaking price and product as a key brand differentiator. Let’s see how you can use this as a golden opportunity to shine and stand out.

The key is simple:

More choice for your customers. More sales for you.

Why ecommerce checkout optimization matters?



  • offer choice on where, when and how parcels will be delivered.


  • meet personal preferences right down to the best shipping option.


  • be fluent in any market with languages and currencies localized.



Mats Fischerström
Product Manager for eCommerce Solution at nShift


Mats is an ecommerce international speaker and consultant, leading product development for nShift Checkout. 

What we cover:

⚈ Online shoppers behaviors and expectations trends for 2022
⚈ Key factors that influence your conversion rate
⚈ DEMO: Checkout delivery set-up for a better customer experience
⚈ How nShift Checkout helped Kicks increase conversion rate with 12% 

nShift Checkout:

Checkout is a solution that makes it easy for merchants to offer the delivery options that their customers desire. Fully integrated with all nShift solutions, Checkout is being used by brands like Klarna, SportsDeals, LuxuryGroup.