How to overcome the 3 most common shipping challenges to global ecommerce expansion



Ecommerce businesses struggle with international shipping

International expansion is a major opportunity for ecommerce companies. Yet, logistical difficulties can stand in the way of this. According to a recent survey, cross-border logistics create issues for 37% of business owners while 33.5% struggle with cross-border returns and over a third (34.5%) came up against issues managing delivery expectations [1].

In this webinar, Ash Luker guides us through the 3 strategies ecommerce companies can follow to overcome these shipping and logistics challenges:

  1. Make the right carrier connections. By having access to a large carrier library with ready-made connections in the relevant regions, retailers can speed up the carrier integration process significantly.
  2. Prioritize the customer experience. Shoppers want to be assured, that their delivery is in safe hands especially when shopping with new vendors. Regular, relevant and branded communication to the customer during the shipping process is essential to building trust.
  3. Make returns easy. Some shoppers might be nervous about buying from a retailer outside their country. But if there is a clear and simple returns process in place, they may be more likely to purchase.

[1] https://www.bigcommerce.co.uk/articles/ecommerce/global-commerce/


Ash Luker

Sales Director

Ash has 10+ years of experience in domestic and international logistics. Holding various roles within Sales and Operations, Ash knows the needs and challenges customers have when it comes to cross border shipping.

At nShift, Ash is Sales Director, Global Strategic, focusing on customers and prospects with global expansion needs.