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Overcome cross border delivery challenges in time for Black Friday

Overcome cross border delivery challenges in time for Black Friday

Reach new global markets in time for Black Friday as APG eCommerce joins the nShift carrier library – Johan Hellman, VP of Product and Carrier Management

Global expansion is a tempting prospect for every ecommerce business. However, over 42% of businesses consider getting parcels to international customers on time their biggest challenge[1].

Helping overcome cross-border challenges

It’s why we’re delighted to welcome APG eCommerce Solutions into the nShift carrier library - a move that will help online retailers and webshops overcome cross-border challenges and deliver for their customers.

APG eCommerce Solutions is one of the leading suppliers of cross-border ecommerce delivery solutions. With an established presence in key global trade lanes, including Asia, Europe and the USA, APG provides end-to-end logistics solutions to a portfolio of iconic global ecommerce merchants. It offers a unique delivery experience thanks to its bespoke platform that combines Australia Post’s unrivaled last-mile capabilities with a strong partnership network of postal operators and best-in-class ecommerce delivery companies such as SaiCheng Logistics, Australia Post’s joint venture with China Post for China.

Easier shipping for European businesses

APG offers retailers a combination of a strong partnership network of postal operators and best-in-class local delivery companies integrated in customer-centric solutions backed up by agile and cutting-edge technology. It has established relationships with local carrier companies in key ecommerce regions such as APAC, UK, Europe and North America. The presence of APG’s network within the nShift carrier library makes it easier for European businesses to ship to further afield markets such as Australia, Israel and Canada.

In 2022, Australian shoppers spent a record AU$ 353 billion on retail. This was 9.2% higher than the previous year.[2] In Israel, ecommerce spending is expected to hit US$12.03 billion by 2025,[3] with Canadian spending predicted to reach US$40bn the same year.[4]

Yet considerable logistical difficulties stand in the way of retailers looking to tap into these opportunities. Almost half (44.5%) of global business owners face challenges navigating customs requirements. Cross-border logistics create issues for 37% of business owners, while 33.5% struggle with cross-border returns. Over a third (34.5%) came up against issues managing delivery expectations, while 27.5% had problems tracking deliveries.[5]

You can read more in a previous blog, ‘Shipping represents “biggest challenge” to global ecommerce expansion”.

Build a global customer base

With more than 1000 carriers worldwide, nShift offers its customers access to the world’s biggest carrier library, delivering to 190 countries. The ability for customers to decide what delivery options suit them best is critical to giving them a better customer experience they will come back to.

nShift enables growing ecommerce companies to create a great customer experience from checkout to returns. With nShift, retailers can build a global customer base that is every bit as loyal and engaged as at home.

Visit our Black Friday resources page for more practical guidance to help you plan for this year’s Peak season.


nShift is the global leader in delivery management software. Its solutions enable frictionless shipment and return of almost one billion shipments across 190 countries annually. nShift connects customers to a library of over 1000 ready-made carrier connections.


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