Tech failures plague peak-season profits – invest in a reliable delivery management system

Tech failures plague peak-season profits – invest in a reliable delivery management system

Retailers and warehouses must invest in logistics-management software now, while there is still time, to prepare for end-of-year sales spike

Almost half of logistics workers experience a problem with warehouse technology many times a week.[1] During times of peak demand, such as Black Friday or the Christmas shopping season, these problems can cause delays and outages.

Can the delivery management software handle peak-season spike?

During peak season – including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas shopping and New Year sales – ecommerce sales can increase by as much as 50%.[2] This creates huge pressure on warehouses and, in particular, their ability to ensure items are quickly delivered to customers.

Basing the delivery process around a reliable delivery management or “book and print” platform ensures that warehouses can scale up to meet increased demand. Warehouses must invest in the right technology now, while there is still time, to ensure they have the right infrastructure in place to deal with the busiest period of the year.

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Building delivery infrastructure around the right multi-carrier software

When different components of the delivery infrastructure fail to chime together it can create a peak-season catastrophe. Retailers are rightly keen to invest in customer-facing enhancements to checkout, shipment-tracking and returns management solutions. However, if these don’t integrate well with their main delivery management platform, the risks of failure increase.

To ensure they are fully prepared for Black Friday and the beginning of peak season, retailers and warehouses must invest in a one-stop-shop delivery management solution with a tried-and-tested track record.

A one-stop-shop delivery management system

  • Providing a reliable delivery management solution – powering one billion shipments each year. We invest heavily in research and development, enabling our solutions to stay one step ahead of customer need
  • Boosting delivery capacity through multi-carrier capability – to ensure people get what they want, when they want it during peak season, retailers and warehouses will likely require access to a wide range of carrier and transport companies. Our carrier library features connections to over 1000 carriers
  • Building the ecommerce customer experience – by enabling retailers to offer a range of delivery options and seamlessly display these options at checkout
  • Creating an end-to-end delivery experience – including checkout, order-tracking and returns management. Because these all revolve around nShift’s delivery management system, they integrate together seamlessly, creating greater efficiency




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