An early focus on enterprise delivery can drive up peak-season performance

An early focus on enterprise delivery can drive up peak-season performance

Retailers should use the “groundwork quarter” at the start of the year to ensure they have the right infrastructure for the “golden quarter” in place.

The new nShift guide Going for Gold argues that successful peak-season performance depends on better preparation during the earliest months of the year.

When retailers fail to give due consideration to delivery management software, which facilitates how orders are shipped to customers, they run the risk of several common errors.

Lack of delivery options
If customers can’t find the delivery experience they want, they will shop around for a better one.

Insufficient delivery capacity
If retailers cannot keep up with demand and make good on their promises, they can’t expect a shopper to come back for more.

Unclear returns policy
If shoppers can’t see how they could easily return something, they are less likely to buy in the first place.

If the first three months of the year are devoted to getting the right warehouse and ecommerce infrastructure in place, retailers stand the best chance of avoiding these problems and thriving during peak season.

Getting the right ecommerce delivery platform is crucial to golden quarter success

Offering the right peak-season customer experience is critical to success. If shoppers have a bad delivery experience, they may abandon the retailer forever. It’s vital that ecommerce businesses have the right infrastructure and technology in place to meet increased demand and encourage customer loyalty.

Read the full report: Going for gold: why peak-season preparation must focus on the delivery experience. 



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