Going for gold: why peak-season preparation must focus on the delivery experience

Securing the right delivery management software early in the year sets up peak-season success.

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Retailers and warehouses need to make big infrastructure decisions in “the groundwork quarter” – the first three months of the year.

During the golden quarter, at the end of the year, a retailer’s capability is pushed to the limit.  But if they have issues getting shoppers the items they want, when they want them, retailers’ reputations – and profitability – are at risk.
Retailers can lay the foundations for peak-season success in the first few months of the year - the “groundwork quarter.”
This guide looks at the steps retailers can take now to maximize peak profits and turn one-off sales into year-round customer relationships.

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  1. The common golden quarter errors retailers make
  2. How to plan for success in “groundwork quarter”
  3. The crucial role of parcel shipping in peak-season success

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