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Sportsdeal gets 20% sales boost with nShift and Walley


Norwegian outdoor sports retailer, Sportsdeal, were looking to give their customers the best possible shopping experience. And now they can, thanks to a partnership between nShift and smart payment provider, Walley, that has helped lift sales and conversion rates to new heights.

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As a payment service partner for large merchants in the Nordic region, Walley develops solutions that make payments smarter, easier and safer for both merchants and consumers.

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The Challenge

Sportsdeal is a 100% Norwegian online store, located in Telemark and Vestfold with a main warehouse in Notodden. One of the first online stores in Norway to focus on outdoor products for cabin trips, the company has enjoyed steady growth since it was founded in 2005.

It has always been Sportsdeal’s aim to provide online customers with the same high-quality service they would expect in a physical store. Recently, they saw an opportunity to improve the customer experience further by providing more flexible delivery options that were tailored to the items in each customer’s shopping cart. 

Mathias Irgemo, COO at Sportsdeal, explains: “Our goal was to offer the best shopping experience on the market, so that our customers can shop in a way that suits them.”


Since we introduced [the new] delivery module, the average order value increased by 20 percent compared with the same period last year.

Mathias Irgemo, COO at Sportsdeal

nShift and Walley deliver

increased in order value
more baskets converted to purchases
reduction in packing time

The Solution

Since implementing nShift and gaining the advantage of Walley’s payment solution, Sportsdeal have been able to offer more choice at the checkout, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and a significant increase in sales. 

When they arrive at Sportsdeal’s online checkout, customers are now offered a range of delivery options, which vary depending on their location and the items they are purchasing. These include less expensive alternatives such as pick-up and drop-off locations or collect in store. 

The improvements to Sportsdeal’s checkout experience have led to a significant uplift in sales, with an 8% rise in conversions from basket to purchase and a 20% increase in order value.

And that’s not all. The nShift-powered solution has also made it much easier for Sportsdeal to pack and send goods, which has helped to reduce packing time by 25%. As Mathias Irgemo says: “That the packing time is so sharply reduced makes a big difference when it comes to the number of working hours during a year.”

Our customers think that the shopping experience is easy and very fast. They are also very pleased that it is now possible to choose the delivery method. It is of course very gratifying to hear that our customers are as excited about the new checkout as we are.

Mathias Irgemo, COO at Sportsdeal

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