1 in 3 items purchased in webshops is returned. Each return costs around £20 to process. It’s too much. Save money, reduce handling time and create better experiences for your customers. Digitize your returns process with nShift Return.

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nShift Return

Reverse eCommerce

Make returning products as easy as buying them. 

A modular returns management platform

Read more about how each module improves day-to-day returns management operations.

Return Admin
What is Return Admin?

One-stop-shop for managing returns, exchanges, and claims that everyone in your returns organization can use. Customer service. Warehousing. Finance. You name it. Admin helps you: See and manage every aspect of returns management Solve issues in seconds Communicate and escalate returns internally

How it works

It could not be simpler. As soon as a consumer submits a return digitally, our automated system takes over, applying smart business rules set by you. Result? A smoother, more accurate returns process - for your customers and your business. No need to make any IT adjustments, either. Return Admin integrates seamlessly with your current setup or you can use it as the lone hub for your entire returns operation.

Additional features to Admin

No matter what industry, language, or platforms you are working in, Return Admin makes returns smart, automated, and stress-free. Smart business rules Adapt your process to different markets, customer segments, and product categories. Timely notifications Automated notifications are proven to reduce the number of return-related tickets for customer service. Adjust refund values Refund, repair or offer a discount - the choice is yours. Parcel tracking Keep track of all parcels, and resolved tickets through a simple dashboard view.

Return Analytics
What is Return Analytics?

The data-driven dashboard that enables you to identify trends and work proactively with returns management to improve profitability, customer experience, and rate of returns.

Analytics helps you:

  • Analyze the return performance of various markets, products, and subcontractors
  • Visualize returns data, and actively work to reduce the return rate
  • Understand the consumer's reason for returns, exchanges, and claims
How it works

Visualize and compare all your returns data to answer key questions about your returns process:

  • How do return rates vary between different markets?
  • Are there any factors that returned goods have in common?
  • What are the underlying causes of returns and complaints?
Additional features to Analytics

Identify ways to improve long-term profitability by using Return Analytics to analyze data in real-time and gain insights into the what, where, and why of returns.

  • BI API: Integrate seamlessly with a BI-system for additional visualization.
  • Insights and reporting: Generate insights and reports to evaluate subcontractors, or optimize internal processes.
  • Dashboard: Select criteria in the smart search bar to see relevant data in the form of graphs, charts, or data points.
Return Consumer
What is Return Consumer?

The nShift Return module digitizes your entire return registration process. Submit a return. Report a claim. Exchange for a new product or size. Select a shipping provider. Shoppers can do it all in a few clicks and every return experience is uniquely tailored to them.

Consumer helps you:

  • Reconvert 30% of all returns into new purchases through exchanges
  • Digitize the return registration process and eliminate paperwork forever
  • Establish a consumer dialogue tailored to your brand, products, markets, customers, and more
How it works

Return Consumer makes the returns experience quick and easy for shoppers. All they need to do is:

  • Log in using email, order number, or social media
  • Click to return, claim or exchange the item and, if relevant, choose a new product
  • Select a shipping method
  • Hit submit
  • Sit back, relax and wait for automated updates on the status of their return


Additional features to Consumer
Manage and optimize daily operations with Return Consumer and tailor the solution to meet your customers' expectations and needs.
  • Returns, claims, exchanges: Set up and tailor your functionality for different markets.
  • Smart shipping selector: Minimize costs by automatically selecting optimum shippers based on goods, geographic location and business rules.
  • Branded experience: Create a smooth, personalized experience for every single customer.
  • Refunds and accounting: Automate accounting and refunds - or choose to make a partial refund to the consumer.

Return Warehouse
What is Return Warehouse? 

Eliminate more than 90% of return handling time with a module that simplifies inventory administration and lets you track return shipping in real-time.

Warehouse helps you:

  • Handle every return in under 10 seconds (compared to an average manual handling time of 5-15 minutes)
  • Connect your warehouse to other departments involved in returns
  • Track incoming returned parcels and adjust staffing accordingly
Integration option to WMS or ERP

Rather integrate nShift Return directly with your WMS or ERP? No problem. Every module is optional and we will always tailor the setup to your needs.

Additional features to Warehouse

Created by users for users, Return Warehouse helps you simplify everyday warehouse operations and improve returns communications across your organization.

  • Forecast parcel volumes: Optimize staffing levels and inventory flow by tracking every item in real-time as they make their way back to you.
  • Optimized for barcode scans: Connect a barcode scanner to scan return labels
  • Tool for internal comms: Allow all departments within the the returns team to communicate via a single platform.
  • A smart search field: Enable warehouse staff to search for return information by name, email, order number and more.

Return Rescue
What is Return Rescue?

Sustainability module that promotes circular consumption and reduces climate impact - for you and your customers.With Return Rescue, products that were once loved by consumers can be given several new leases of life.

Rescue helps you:

  • Reduce your climate impact by actively working with sustainability
  • Reuse materials in new products, or resell items to a secondary market
  • Prevent contaminants caused by production, manufacturing and transportation of new materials
How it works

Integrating seamlessly with all other nShift Return modules, Return Rescue makes it quick and easy for shoppers to return once-loved items they no longer want. All they need to do is:

  • Log in using email, order number, or social media
  • Select the product in their order history that they wish to Rescue
  • Receive store credit which they can use to buy a new product from your webshop
  • Send item back
  • Rest easy, knowing that the returned item has been repaired, recycled, or resold rather than going to waste

Part of your ecosystem

No need to make any adjustments to your existing ERP, WMS or delivery management platform. nShift Return is designed to work with your set-up, whatever your set-up is.

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