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5 reasons to ship from store

5 reasons to ship from store

With consumer demands constantly evolving and changing, retailers are always looking for different ways to fulfil orders, and keep their customers as happy as possible. One option which many retailers are exploring is ship from store, as it provides various different benefits. In this blog, we’ll take a look at 5 of the key reasons that retailers may want to consider shipping stock directly from their store, to customers.

1. Shorter wait times for shoppers

When ordering directly from a store, stock can often be sent out faster to the customers. There may be a store within a closer proximity, therefore allowing for fast order fulfilment, and cutting out the need for warehouses and distribution centers (often with longer waiting times) in some cases.

2. Less storage space and warehouses

Whilst there will likely still be the need for main warehouses and distribution centers, shipping stock directly from stores means that items can be stored at the physical shops, then sent onwards from each location. With this approach, retailers may find there’s less of a need for more warehouses, as items will already be in the store. An example of a store which currently benefits from, and utilizes, this system, is Argos, with its large range of stock available at their in-store locations for pick up, or shipping.

3. Reduce costs

By avoiding the distribution center, and shipping straight from store, retailers might find that carrying costs drop, as the staff and stock is at the store already. This cuts out some of the order fulfilment process, and therefore can reduce spending, making it an economically viable option too.

4. Sell older stock

Selling items that haven’t sold in the stores, online, mean that you increase the visibility of the item to many more shoppers in a larger range of locations. This way, you’re more likely to find someone who wants to buy older stock, which might otherwise have had the prices marked down. Shipping form store can be a great way to shift older stock, and keep price-reductions to a minimum.

5. Increase customer satisfaction

Not only does shipping from store make it easier for retailers to sell older stock, but it also makes it easy for customers to find stock which they might otherwise have missed. With online marketplaces joining up physical stores, and the ease of online shopping, consumers often find it benefits them to be able to order from a store, as there’s greater product choice.

It’s for these 5 simple reasons, that shipping from store can be a great idea for retailers, and customers alike. With mutual benefits, it’s worth exploring whether shipping from store can save both the customer and the retailer time and money.

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