Top 5 tips for an excellent delivery experience

Top 5 tips for an excellent delivery experience

Customers can be hard to please, as we’re used to quick, fast delivery. In order to meet the rising standards, it’s vital for retailers to consider their options for the best strategy, and how they can ensure that shoppers are kept happy; from the moment they make the purchase, to it arriving on their doorstep. Here are our top five tips for ensuring a high quality delivery experience…

 1. Easy to find delivery options

Checkouts can be confusing sometimes, but they don’t have to be. A clear layout of 1-3 pages is ideal, with a simple line-up of the delivery options. Customers want to know their options, and why they should choose one over the other. For example, free delivery might take longer (but costs nothing), whilst premium delivery will arrive in a day (but is more expensive). With easy checkouts, you allow the customer the option to make their own decision. 

2. Convenience

Convenience is key, and the customer should be given the options to ensure they have a smooth delivery process. Whether this is next day delivery to their house, or perhaps the option to pick up from a nearby locker, it’s important to ensure they always have an option which suits them, therefore, the more the better! 

3. Sustainable delivery

Sustainable delivery is becoming a hot topic, as many retailers are under pressure to provide delivery options with a green ethos. Check out our blog on how to provide sustainable delivery for the shopper, such as slower delivery, or Click & Collect. These options allow the consumer to make an informed decision, and have faith in the sustainability of your brand. 

4. Track and trace

Communication is vital for happy customers. SMS and e-mail are the best way to keep in contact with your customers, to let them know that their order is on its way. Shoppers want regular updates, and often GPS tracking to see exactly when the van might be coming past their house. A text or email on the morning of delivery is vital, as the shopper can then plan their day around when they need to be in to collect the delivery.

 5. Easy returns options

Whilst it’s not quite the delivery itself, returns are an important part of the process. If the product isn’t what the shopper expects, then they need to have immediate access to information about returns, such as whether it’s through a portal or a returns slip.

To conclude, we can see that there are many ways to provide an excellent delivery experience to a customer. This way, they’ll leave positive reviews, and feel happy—therefore more likely to recommend your goods to a friend. Happy shopper means happy business!

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