How can retailers provide sustainable delivery options in the checkout?

How can retailers provide sustainable delivery options in the checkout?

Shoppers are becoming increasingly eco-conscious, as sustainability is becoming a trend in the world of online retail. However, it’s relatively difficult for retailers to match their green ethos with the reality of mass production and quick delivery (which is often hard to do eco-consciously). So how can retailers provide sustainable delivery options at the checkout, and what might this look like?

Electric vehicles are the first way in which retailers might want to consider switching up their delivery options. Converting from using vans and cars which emit fumes and burn oil in order to run, to electric ‘green’ vehicles is a brilliant way for retailers to offer rapid home delivery in a more sustainable manner. Even better, the use of bikes is becoming more popular, as they don’t need electricity or fuel at all—however, this may not always be possible depending on the distance the item needs to travel.

Next, slow delivery is a great option at the checkout. You might even have seen recent schemes which have come into play where you can select a ‘no rush’ option at the checkout, which allows a retailer to ensure your delivery ties into a route with other parcels, therefore saving travel time and emissions. Furthermore, some retailers offer rewards for these options, such as a tree being planted, or money off. This option can be more cost effective for retailers as well, as they save money on individual journeys and order fulfilment.

Click & Collect is a brilliant way to switch to sustainable fulfilment, as the customer can walk to a nearby store, or pick up their parcel whilst making a journey they’d have to take anyway. Click & Collect could be coming back into fashion after the pandemic (when it was less popular due to fear of the virus in public places) as it offers a great bonus for the customer (often free) and for the retailer (no need to send the parcel to their door).

We can conclude that there are many ways that retailers can opt for more sustainable delivery choices at their checkout. This provides customers with a greener way to receive their online shopping, and helps brands stand out to the eco-conscious. Options such as Click & Collect, slow delivery with rewards such as planting trees, and electric vehicles, are all brilliant ways to lead the way into the future with sustainable commerce.

Learn more about other ways in which you can maximize conversions with checkout delivery options by watching our webinar.

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