Transform e-com logistics tracking into a brand-building experience

Transform e-com logistics tracking into a brand-building experience

nShift Track creates new opportunities to build the brand and grow revenue through a comprehensive e-commerce logistics tracking solution

Good customer service is no longer enough to build loyalty and grow revenue. The future of growth is about becoming ‘customer obsessed'. That’s why we’ve launched nShift Track, a delivery tracking software, creating a new opportunity to transform the parcel delivery journey into a crucial part of the customer and brand experience.

Today’s shoppers expect regular updates on their delivery status with a parcel tracking solution. A staggering 78% claim they will abandon brands that fail to communicate1. But retailers that treat such communications as little more than a logistical update are missing a trick. These points are fantastic opportunities for brands to engage with shoppers when they are most invested in the experience.

Experts estimate that people are exposed to 6,000 and 10,000 marketing messages a day2.  Our brains have become highly adept at filtering them out. But when people eagerly await a delivery, they are prepared to give the brand or retailer a greater share of their attention.

nShift Track enables retailers to communicate delivery updates in a fully branded environment.  It creates a cutting-edge consumer experience. The updates people receive look as slick and professional as the webshop or brand that they bought from. As well as providing email or SMS updates, the retailer can communicate through the social channels people use daily. Retailers can target shoppers with marketing messages or take the opportunity to build their reputation by promptly dealing with questions and concerns.

Key features of nShift Track include:

  • Multi-channel delivery status communications via the channels where customers live their digital lives
  • Customer feedback “in the moment” resulting in reduced customer churn and greater satisfaction
  • 60 percent reductions in “Where is my order” (WISMO) support calls
  • New revenue opportunities at a time when customers have a 50% higher propensity to buy again
  • Branded tracking environments for delivery updates, returns policies, and more

Retailers and e-commerce companies increasingly recognize that the customer experience doesn’t end when the shopper hits the “buy” button.  The following hours and days help determine whether the consumer will return for more.

Providing regular and relevant branded communications on order status helps build loyalty between the customer and retailer.  It cuts down on support calls and creates brilliant opportunities to re-market to consumers at the time when they are most engaged with the brand.

nShift Track is part of a portfolio of enterprise-grade solutions that empower retailers and web shops to create an end-to-end delivery experience.  Learn more about our customer experience suite.


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