Consumers demand fast, free and sustainable delivery options

Consumers demand fast, free and sustainable delivery options

Consumers increasingly demand sustainable delivery options in the online checkout, however they are not willing to pay for this, as they also demand delivery to be free and fast. Gain insight into consumers’ demands and strategies for how to meet them in this blog.

If you don’t provide enough relevant delivery options in your online checkout, 50% of online consumers will abandon their basket.

According to ecommerce company Shopify, consumers demand fast, free and sustainable delivery options. Globally, 64% of consumers want their orders shipped for free and 67% of U.S. consumers expect either same, next or two-day delivery, while 72% of global consumers want brands to use sustainable packaging.

The number of brands offering free shipping has increased 5.3% since the pandemic began according to Shopify.


Offer free shipping without destroying your business

In order to offer free shipping while maintaining profitability, online shops are setting free shipping thresholds. 65% of consumers check these thresholds before adding something to their basket.

Some examples of financially sustainable free shipping strategies you could use are:

  • Free shipping as a marketing stunt – e.g. free shipping to new or loyal customers.
  • Free shipping built into the price – shipping is included in the price of the product.
  • Free shipping through subscription – free shipping for customers with a membership.
  • Free shipping as a campaign – free shipping for Christmas, bank holidays etc.

Environmentally conscious consumers are torn

Consumers are torn when it comes to sustainable delivery, as 50% of consumers report a willingness to pay more for “environmentally friendly” products or services. However, when it comes to sustainable delivery options, 73% of consumers will not choose an eco-friendly delivery option if it costs more.

Either way, it’s important for you to look at ways to reduce your own environmental impact, without passing the costs onto your customers.New call-to-action

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