Three ways to give shoppers the delivery options they seek

Three ways to give shoppers the delivery options they seek

It’s no secret that each consumer wants something different from online shopping. 

Retailers and web shops are well versed in the need to meet those expectations at every stage in the customer journey.

It’s increasingly clear that shoppers seek the same level of choice around how their purchase is delivered.

  • 56% expect same-day delivery options1
  • 88% of consumers are more willing to purchase from a retailer or web shop that offers free shipping2
  • 54% would be willing to accept longer lead times for more environmentally friendly deliveries3

When retailers can’t give shoppers what they want, revenue is at risk.  

Here are three things that retailers and web shops should do to give shoppers the delivery options they seek:

  1. Ensure carrier capacity – to offer a particular delivery option (such as sustainable or express delivery), retailers need a carrier partner that can fulfil it.  Ideally, retailers need access to a large, ready-made carrier library
  2. Seamlessly display delivery options – it’s essential that shipping choices are as frictionless as possible
  3. Clearly badge delivery options – simple visual cues can make quick choices easier. Displaying badges and icons (such as a green leaf for a sustainable option) makes it easier for shoppers to quickly choose the best delivery option for them

nShift Checkout fully integrates with web shops to facilitate a range of delivery options.  Badges promote the shipping options available to customers, by enabling merchants to add icons that signify the types of delivery on offer.  This could include adding green leaves adjacent to eco-friendly shipping options or a lightning bolt icon next to express delivery.  By reducing friction, and time to rethink the purchase in the final part of the checkout process, Badges help increase customer conversions.

nShift Ship is an enterprise-grade delivery management platform that helps drive efficiency, incremental revenue, and help customers solve complicated delivery management challenges.  It offers access to more than one thousand carriers, plus high-volume label production and carrier booking.

nShift Track provides an outstanding post-purchase customer experience which reflects retailers’ brands, reduces WISMO (where is my order) enquiries, and builds customer loyalty.

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