Helping DTK Group create a scalable shipping solution

Helping DTK Group create a scalable shipping solution

Getting the right package to the right location at the right time is mission-critical for businesses today.

It means that for logistics operations - tasked with handling millions of shipments a year - the pressure to improve efficiency, increase capacity and eliminate waste has never been higher. Innovative companies, like DTK Group, know that making small changes to operations can bring big benefits.

Rapid growth brings challenges

Serving Scandinavia and wider Europe, DTK Group is a Dutch logistics company specialising in warehousing and logistics. Over the last three decades it has steadily built a reputation to be one of the most recognisable names in transport and warehouse solutions.

As a result, it has experienced rapid growth, particularly in the last five years where order volumes have increased by 100% per year. Perhaps unsurprisingly given the pace of change, its processes for printing and shipping orders were unable to keep pace with growth and quickly became inefficient. This created several problems with multiple forms and labels being printed from different devices, which risked mismatching in the warehouse. Labels were also being inserted into plastic envelopes, increasing single-use plastic across the business.

nShift and partners

This is where nShift was able to help. We have been working in partnership with Pinnpoint and Lexmark printers to deliver a better solution. We provide the packing slip and address label information while labels are then printed using Pinnpoint media on Lexmark devices. It enables customers like DTK Group to print shipping information on one side of a label and the packing list on the other, reducing overall printing time and single-use plastic.

The one-stop-shop solution is simple to implement, requiring only Lexmark printers, labels from Pinnpoint, and nShift's Delivery Management Platform.

Staggering results

The results are staggering. Whereas before, DTK Group had to print each order, packing slip and shipping label separately, now it can be done on a single piece of paper in one go. It's a change that significantly optimises the process: Instead of two and half minutes per order, this can now be done in around 15 seconds saving the company 35 printing hours every day. 

The cumulative benefits of this are vast. It has eliminated the risk of confusion or lost orders in the packing process and has also raised capacity when it comes to shipping volumes. The use of one label for both address and shipping has practically eliminated human errors in the warehouse so there is less stress in the team and the workflow is much better and more efficient.

It is positively impacting sustainability too. Combining the packing slip and address label reduces the amount of paper and materials in the process, while less printing time means lower energy consumption. 

Small changes, big difference

As this example demonstrates, making small and simple changes to the delivery process can streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience. Our Transsmart solution, which is the foundation for this project, acts as a strategic growth partner for e-commerce, warehouse, and logistics providers, while access to the world’s largest carrier library means customers can offer a wide variety of delivery options and easily expand across markets.

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