nShift Insurance offers simple, carrier agnostic protection for ecommerce deliveries

nShift Insurance offers simple, carrier agnostic protection for ecommerce deliveries

Though retailers’ ecommerce delivery teams take great care in packaging items for delivery to customers, accidents inevitably happen.

In fact, over half of consumers say they receive damaged goods each year*. This can expose retailers to substantial costs to replace items damaged in the last mile during the ecommerce delivery process.

Retailers need a rapid, easy way to provide protection from within their delivery management system.

Introducing nShift Insurance

We’re thrilled to announce nShift Insurance, which can provide tailored shipping protection for one billion shipments from European merchants.

Initially available with nShift Transsmart, nShift Insurance is powered by XCover, Cover Genius’ global distribution platform.

With nShift Insurance, online retailers, brands and webshops can replace items that are lost, stolen, or damaged in delivery. This will help them deliver better service to their customers, build loyalty, and encourage repeat purchasing.

A comprehensive delivery insurance offering

nShift Insurance is available starting with nShift Transsmart right now. It offers vendors and shippers:
  • Simplified, carrier-agnostic, global protection covering available carriers
  • Greater customer loyalty through a seamless claims process that has proven to reduce end-to-end claims finalization
  • Cost and time reductions - Cover Genius’ streamlined approach to protection is up to 20% cheaper and up to 20 days faster than insurance from carriers
  • No minimum wait times - XCover has reduced claim times making it possible to start investigations without having to wait for carriers marking parcels as lost or damaged
  • Instant payouts for approved claims - XCover aims to complete 95% of claims within three days of claim filing
  • Reimbursements equal to the full retail value of lost, stolen, or damaged goods
  • Tailored protection options that can be attached in-path or at an account level
  • Convenience - fully embedded into the merchant’s working processes (such as booking and label printing)

Protect your deliveries today

In today’s online shopping environment, giving both retailers and shoppers confidence in the delivery process is essential to delivering ecommerce success.  

Transsmart customers can easily embed nShift Insurance in their delivery management system.

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* https://www.amcor.com/insights/blogs/how-much-a-damaged-pack-can-really-cost-your-business

† Cost savings referenced are based on a comparison of all Cover Genius shipping protection versus published carrier rates for Fedex, UPS, DHL, USPs, UPS, Old Dominion, DHL, XPO Logistics, Estes Express Lines, YRC and TForce Freight as at June 27, 2022. Time savings are based on average resolution times (i.e., the duration from initial filing to completed payment) for all XCover shipping protection claims as at May 31, 2022 (sample size = 868) compared with the industry average time including payment settlement (min. 6 days) and period to acknowledge a filed claim.


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