Succeed with Delivery in the UK

Succeed with Delivery in the UK

The UK market is a great space for ecommerce companies, when done correctly. A major factor when it comes to ensuring customer satisfaction, is getting delivery right. Customers expect high quality, and ever-faster delivery. So what exactly is it that UK customers are looking for when it comes to the final stage of their parcel fulfilment?


Rapid delivery options

Shoppers are looking for quick delivery options such as ‘same-day’ more and more in the UK. With bike services such as Jiffy and Deliveroo bringing meals and groceries within half an hour, and Screwfix launching the ‘Sprint’ service, there’s a growing market for rapid fulfilment. Between 2020 and 2021 the number of shoppers (out of a sample of 1,000 UK respondents) who said they expected standard delivery to arrive on the same day, increased seven-fold. Retailers must be quick off the mark with delivery to keep up with customers’ growing impatience.


Sustainable services

UK customers are becoming increasingly eco-conscious, and it seems as though if there were the option for an environmentally friendly alternative, then they would go for it. Since 2009, shoppers have been in the majority when saying they would go for a carbon-friendly delivery option, however, the reality of this is often difficult to fulfil. Many retailers find it difficult to transition to eco-friendly options whilst keeping profit margins reasonable. And although over 70% of shoppers say they would opt for an eco-friendly option, in 2021, only 40% of respondents said they would actually pay for this. Retailers must find a way to integrate expectations of sustainable shopping, and the reality of carbon-neutral practice in the UK.

how to succeed with delivery in uk

If a carbon–friendly delivery alternative was available, would you choose it over a traditional method?


Transparency and communication

After two years of disrupted supply chains, due to Covid-19 and Brexit, the Brits are used to parcel delays. However, what can often be more frustrating is a lack of communication when a parcel is delayed. When companies promise to fulfil an order within a certain amount of time, shoppers are often left feeling confused and vulnerable when it doesn’t show up. SMS and email communications are a great way to keep buyers in the loop.

To summarize, the UK market is a brilliant space in which to sell, and providing that retailers are able to fulfil orders quickly and transparently, they’re sure to thrive—not to mention the space for growth which sustainable delivery provides! It may well give you the edge over your competitor as we look to new technologies for carbon-neutral delivery.

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