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The five customer complaints that matter most – and how to avoid them


How the delivery experience can improve customer satisfaction

nShift has released a new guide identifying the five most common consumer complaints, and how to avoid them.

We have found that late deliveries are the number one customer complaint retailers are faced with. Indeed, according to data from McKinsey, nine out of ten consumers see two- to three-day delivery as standard and they expect retailers and brands to stick to it.

Other common causes of customer frustration include;

  • deliveries turning up unexpectedly
  • goods arriving damaged or in poor condition
  • unsuitable delivery options at checkout
  • uncertainty or poor communication around the delivery process.

This is why, as we approach the end-of-year-sales period, we have  released a guide specifically on this topic to help. ‘Five customer complaints that matter most – and how to avoid them’ is a guide that examines some common complaints companies need to be aware of in the retail environment. 

Enjoy the read!

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