Tracking and alerts

Better customer communications

Cut down on customer calls and complaints through regular communication

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tracking alerts

The hours following the purchase are the moment of truth for the customer.
Branded tracking and alerts help build loyalty with customers, encourage repeat purchases, and cut down on complaints

  • Increased customer communication
    Our branded tracking portal and alerts enable retailers to open up a dialogue with customers at every stage of the delivery process and beyond.
  • Reduce WISMO calls
    When a customer can track their own delivery, it significantly cuts down on WISMO (“where is my order”) calls and enquiries.

Build loyalty and increase sales

By offering the best possible customer experience, companies can build loyalty and remarket to their customers.

A fully branded experience

From purchase to delivery and beyond when combined with other nShift solutions

Branded notifications for customers

Easy delivery tracking means customers can follow orders from the moment they’re purchased to the moment they arrive at their door

Build loyalty and reputation

Retailers are not simply handing their relationship with a consumer over to the carrier

Upsell and cross-sell

Engage customers at the moment they are are most engaged with the brand

Create brand advocates

A great experience leads to increased customer recommendations


Successful brands manage deliveries with nShift

Customer stories

Take control of the customer experience

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