Benefits of implementing a comprehensive carrier management system

Benefits of implementing a comprehensive carrier management system

In today's highly competitive business environment, any company seeking to optimize its supply chain can't ignore the importance of comprehensive and efficient carrier management system.  Not only does the proper carrier management system allow for better logistics management, but it can also improve order management, reduce costs, and result in higher customer satisfaction rates.

How to manage your carriers for a better customer experience 

A well-designed carrier management software puts businesses in control of their logistics and transportation management while providing real-time insights into every element of the supply chain. By utilizing carrier management – or delivery management - software along businesses can optimize their transportation operations, configure routes and delivery schedules, and ensure timely delivery of orders for a better customer experience. 

 Such a platform can reduce expenses by optimizing the routes taken to transport goods, thus minimizing fuel consumption, and related expenses.  Additionally, while managing transportation expenses, carrier management software can help reduce costs by providing detailed metrics and analytics on carrier performance and their cost structures. These solutions leverage real-time data to help businesses make informed decisions around selecting the right carriers at the optimal cost, resulting in significant cost savings. 

Huge positive impact for your business 

Arguably, the bigger impact translates into improved order management and enhanced customer service quality. Customers can benefit from real-time tracking and communication capabilities, thereby proactively solving problems before they become significant issues. 

 At nShift, we have seen first hand how the implementation of a comprehensive carrier management system has resulted in positively impacted business operations, improved customer satisfaction and increased revenue for businesses. For example, Swedish fashion chain, Gina Tricot, needed a delivery management system that was flexible enough to cope with its rapid growth and enable it to streamline logistics as much as possible. Thanks to nShift Delivery, Gina Tricot is now able to book all its shipments, print the right labels, and make sure the right information reaches the carrier through a single platform.  

An investment in your future 

Implementing a carrier management system that integrates effectively with your existing infrastructure is an essential element of supply chain optimization.  Such a system can result in better delivery management, enhanced order management, reduced transportation costs, improved customer service and increased customer satisfaction rates.  Using technology to simplify your operations is an investment in your company’s future.  

By working with nShift and deploying the right carrier management solutions, businesses can significantly reduce overheads, optimize their supply chain, and deliver a superior experience to their customers.


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