How nShift can deliver ecommerce success and boost sales and loyalty for retail and ecommerce businesses


As a retail or ecommerce business owner, you know that happy customers are the key to success. Providing great customer service, seamless transactions, and hassle-free returns experiences can increase customer loyalty, boost sales, and ultimately, business growth.

This is where nShift comes in.

Delivery management software helps businesses manage all aspects of the delivery process, from quoting and booking to tracking and returns. This can help businesses improve their shipping efficiency, reduce their shipping costs and improve their customer satisfaction - all combining to deliver ecommerce success.

When seeking to deliver an easy-to-use returns process, it’s vital to provide a cutting-edge consumer experience.

Cutting-edge consumer interface

nShift Returns provides a cutting-edge consumer interface that is easy to use and navigate. This means that customers can quickly and easily initiate a return, select the reason for the return, and choose the desired resolution – whether that's a refund, an exchange, or a credit. With a smooth and user-friendly returns process, customers are more likely to shop with you in the future.

Returns tracking abilities

nShift's delivery management platform also offers returns tracking abilities. This enables stores and warehouses to anticipate when returned items will be arriving back. This gives businesses real-time insight into their inventory levels, making it easier to manage stock levels and identify potential issues before they become problems.

In 2021, a total of approximately $218 billion worth of products bought online were returned according to the National Retail Federation. This figure represents a significant portion of the total retail sales volume. Effective returns management can help businesses reduce the financial impact of returns and streamline operations. Customers using nShift returns typically convert 30% of returns to exchanges.

Real returns data

nShift provides real data about returns, enabling businesses to identify common problems and make returns less likely in the future. This data can be used to improve inventory management, identify areas for improvement in product quality, and streamline the returns process to make it more efficient for both the business and the customer.

A well-executed returns process not only minimizes the financial burden of returns but also positively contributes to customer satisfaction and loyalty. By implementing efficient returns management, retailers can turn the returns process into an opportunity to enhance customer experience and build long-term relationships.


nShift is a scalable solution that can grow with the business. As shipments increase, nShift can easily accommodate increased volumes and complexity.

Achieving scalable growth

At every step of your growth journey, nShift is the ideal partner to assist its customers. With an unmatched product range that gives you access to the world's biggest carrier library, nShift provides online retailers with complete control over their delivery management experience. This opens up the possibility of generating incremental revenue and achieving scalable growth.

Whether you are looking to evolve or improve your checkout, delivery management or post-purchase offering, we have a solution that can help deliver e-commerce success.

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