How to deliver a stand-out post-purchase customer experience

How to deliver a stand-out post-purchase customer experience

Brand owners are all too familiar with the idea of “moments of truth”.  For auto marques, having car doors which close with a reassuring “clunk” are a moment of truth, while for consumer electronics it might come when the customer powers on their new device for the first time.

Whatever form they take, moments of truth are critical points in the customer journey where their experience can significantly impact their perception and satisfaction with the brand.  

In ecommerce, the checkout and post-purchase experience are the moments that really matter.  Retailers and brands rightly invest in the user experience of their webshops.  But so often it is what happens in the hours and days after the shopper hits the buy button that determine whether they will come back for more.

The stage when customers move from handing over their money, to receiving – and perhaps returning – their goods is when the stakes are highest.  Indeed, over four in five consumers would leave a brand after as few as two poor experiences. 

Our latest guide, The five customer complaints that matter most – and how to avoid them unpicks what a great delivery management experience looks and feels like.  We look at the ways brands can meet and beat customer expectations in this crucial phase, including:

  • Choice– a “one size fits all” delivery offering won’t win over hearts and minds. At a minimum, customers expect to see shipping options covering high speed, low cost, and sustainability
  • Communication – the brands that make it easy for customers to see where their deliveries are, and communicate better, benefit from more engaged customers and repeat sales
  • Returns – retailers must ensure customers have options if they need to make a return. According to Klarna, 84% of customers would reject retailers based on the returns experience alone. If you aren’t getting returns right, you only stand to retain a fraction of your hard-won customers

Our updated end-to-end delivery management suite provides retailers and webshops with the software they need to turn their delivery capability into powerful moments of truth for customers:

  • Checkout: the delivery options customers want
  • Ship: a delivery management platform for scalable growth
  • Track: a fully branded post-purchase experience which activates new customer engagement channels
  • Returns: make the returns process easy for warehouses and for shoppers alike

Read 'The five customer complaints that matter most – and how to avoid them' to learn how the check-out and post-purchase experience can help you grow your business.

by Sean Sherwin-Smith


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