Shipping for growth in ecommerce delivery

Shipping for growth in ecommerce delivery

European ecom sales are set to hit $900bn. The right shipping software helps retailers build their share of this growing market

European ecommerce sales are tipped to hit $902 billion by 2027, representing huge revenue opportunities for vendors.[1]

But no growth can be sustained if the customer experience fails to deliver.

Our new guide, “Shipping for growth” shows the importance of meeting expectations around the delivery process at every stage of growth. This requires efficient management of ecommerce logistics.

The right delivery management platform or shipping software can:

Lay the foundations for growth

By creating flexibility and efficiency. Shipping software that automates the label printing and carrier booking process significantly improves warehouse efficiency and reduces mistakes in ecommerce logistics.

Facilitate a range of delivery options to build loyalty

A delivery management platform that provides a large range of ready-made carrier connections makes it possible to give consumers the choice they desire.

Provide a springboard into new markets

By quickly and easily connecting the business to hundreds of international and regional carriers. This will allow retailers to give their customers the best shipping options for every parcel, regardless of where it’s being dispatched from or delivered to.

Our carrier library contains ready-made connections to over 1000 carrier companies around the world. This makes it possible to offer a range of delivery options, ensure capacity during busy periods and seamlessly manage reverse logistics. We make it easier to manage shipping rules and calculate international freight costs.

Download the guide: “Shipping for growth: how building the right delivery experience can facilitate scalable growth.”


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