Delivery management holds the keys to customer conversions and retention

Delivery management holds the keys to customer conversions and retention

Four ways that enterprise-shipping software can support the future of ecommerce delivery by boosting conversions and revenue

While the ecommerce market continues to grow at pace, companies may be struggling to seize their share of the ever-expanding opportunity.

According to some studies, ecommerce cart-abandonment rates exceed 70%, with consumers more willing than ever to shop around for a better deal and experience.[1] Further research indicates customer loyalty to brands plummeted by 14% over the course of 2023.[2]

Here's four strategies to increase conversions and grow revenue:

Reduce abandoned baskets through delivery choice at checkout

Some 55% of shoppers admit to abandoning their basket because they are not satisfied with the last-mile delivery options.[3] While some shoppers seek free delivery, others will be prepared to pay extra for a speedy shipment or lower-emissions delivery. Through checkout process optimization, and a book and print capability which supports a range of delivery options, retailers can improve cart conversions by 20%.

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Encourage post-purchase upsells

Consumers are more likely to open messages about the status of the delivery than other communications from the retailer. The right ecommerce delivery solutions enable retailers to incorporate marketing messages into these updates. This is a fantastic way to turn the post-purchase last-mile delivery experience into a marketing opportunity.

Build loyalty in last-mile delivery

Some 58% of shoppers will buy again from a retailer following a positive delivery experience.[4] In a world where customer loyalty is declining, it’s vital to give shoppers a reason to come back for more. The delivery experience is an increasingly crucial part of the overall shopping experience, made possible by the right delivery management solution

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Retain revenue from returns

Consumers expect to be able to quickly send back anything they are not happy with. But returns are expensive and risk becoming the “silent killer of profits” in online retailer. By making it easier to offer exchanges, rather than refunds, retailers can retain revenue from the original purchase.

nShift offers a one-stop-shop solution that enables retailers to create an end-to-end delivery experience from book and print to returns. Our enterprise-shipping software features a library of over 1000 carrier connections. As such, retailers can easily offer a range of delivery options and display them seamlessly at checkout.

We make it possible to easily compare performance between carrier companies, helping warehouses make decisions to drive up standards.

With nShift, retailers can send relevant, branded communications to customers at each stage of the delivery process, including last-mile delivery. They can offer digital returns that help convert 30% of returns into exchanges.







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