Creating a great tender for a delivery management platform


Why spending time on the tender process is time well spent

Choosing the right delivery management platform for the business is not a decision that should be made lightly.

Companies need to know, for example, that a vendor has connections with the carriers they want to use and in the geographies they’re shipping to. They must ensure that the vendor can handle the volume of goods they’re shipping now – and that the company plans to ship in the future.

Purchasing a new delivery management platform isn’t just about meeting the company’s current requirements. It’s important that the choice of vendor meets evolving needs as the business scales. Making the right choice is imperative. It saves time, money, and frustration in the long term.

Making the wrong decision now could prove costly later down the line. Both financially and in terms of the company’s reputation. So, it’s important to spend time creating a detailed tender. One that will provide the procurement team with the information they need to ensure they make the right choice.

To help make the right decision for your company’s delivery management needs, this guide will explore:

  • Common barriers to creating a good tender
  • The fundamental elements companies should be considering when going out to tender
  • The importance of identifying and defining the requirements

Enjoy the read!

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