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nShift helps coffee specialist Tiktak / Segafredo Zanetti to grow


Streamlining and optimizing the delivery management process with nShift has given coffee specialists Tiktak / Segafredo Zanetti the perfect platform for growth.

Solutions used

Transsmart integrated with ERP, Unit4

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The Challenge

Tiktak / Segafredo Zanetti supply coffee, tea, chocolate milk and associated products to food businesses and individual consumers across the Netherlands and worldwide.

At one time, food business customers were supplied by sales baristas, who would visit them and provide information on the products. But in 2015, the distribution process changed. While the sales baristas would still visit customers for qualitative visits, 70% of coffee and tea supplies would be delivered from the company’s Groningen warehouse.

This meant an increase in the number of parcel shipments to between 80 and 100+ a day. More than ever, Tiktak / Segafredo needed to optimize delivery management and make the process as quick and accurate as possible.

We no longer have to register our shipments manually.

  • Gert-Jan Mulder, Financial Manager at Tiktak / Segafredo Zanetti

The Solution

Since rolling out nShift DeliveryHub (integrated with ERP system Unit4), Tiktak / Segafredo Zanetti have been delivering tens of thousands of packages through the platform every year. The benefits have been huge. Financial manager, Gert-Jan Mulder, explains: "Previously, for deliveries to the mass market, we had to look up the customer on the carrier's portal or enter it manually. The labels were printed from this portal and applied to the parcel shipment. Now we are working with [nShift], it’s all fully automated, so much less labor-intensive and less prone to mistakes.”

The seamless integration with Unit4 has also proved highly advantageous. “The logistics employee does not notice the presence of nShift. During the cancellation of the warehouse receipt, the carrier label is printed automatically without additional actions. We now make fewer mistakes and save time. And our customers can keep track of where the parcel is with track and trace. This gives us the opportunity to proactively inform them about the shipments."

We ship with a number of regular carriers. But there could be many more in the future. The option is available thanks to this connection. That gives us a lot of freedom for the future.

Gert-Jan Mulder, Financial Manager at Tiktak / Segafredo Zanetti

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