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DeliveryHub Delivery Management Platform

Functionalities list

Enterprise-grade delivery management software

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Achieve scalable growth and generate incremental revenue

Core functionalities

Functionality Description Essential Professional Premium
Customer support Support via Phone, E-mail and Help Centre. Please see separate documentation for the response times and opening hours. Basic Standard Priority
Shipment notifications
E-mail notification to parcel receiver when a shipment has been created or updated (“parcel shipped”). Yes Yes Yes
Shipment booking Generate and book shipments with over 800+ carriers. Yes Yes Yes
Label printing Print or receive labels in ZPL or PDF back to your system. Yes Yes Yes
Print return label Return in the box, mail the label to the customer, retrieve it with the DeliveryHub viewer or get the label back to use it within your application. Yes Yes Yes
Shipment Tracking Portal Shipment KPI’s overview and track your shipments. Search your specific shipment and report on status (history). Plus accessible to parcel receiver via link to DeliveryHub viewer or carrier’s website. Yes Yes Yes
Address book Create and use an address book for faster creation of manual shipments. Yes Yes Yes


Advanced functionalities

Functionality Description Essential Professional Premium
Batch printing of labels Print labels in batches by quickly selecting them in your inbox. Yes Yes Yes
Integrations Integrate via API, file integrations via standardized format, or plugins and partners integrations for out-of-
the-box connections with eCommerce, WMS, and ERP systems.
Yes Yes Yes
Portal (Insights) Statistics and analytics with select and filter on pre-defined reports (Track & Trace view is included in essential with Shipment, Package, Radar, return and
search) Insight tab, Statistics, Invoice (Depending on return data carrier or setup freight cost)
No Yes Yes
Freight cost management Select, report and steer on carrier price. Prices needed
to be uploaded or retrieved from the carrier.
No Yes Yes
Dangerous goods  documentation Integration with a third-party provider to enable
efficient Dangerous Goods document handling. This
feature requires an account with a third-party service
No Yes Yes
Shipment status via API Retrieve the status of your shipments via API. No Yes Yes
Shipment consolidation Option to consolidate shipments to the same recipient, thereby reducing delivery cost. No Yes Yes
Shipping rules Automated selection of carrier and carrier products
based on pre-defined rules.
No Yes Yes
Customized Shipping label Customize the shipping label with a logo or other
wanted information.
No Yes Yes
Volume Scales (Cubiscan) Connect your scale for easy adding measurements
of the package.
No Yes Yes
Data Storage Current year plus one or six years for Premium. 2 years included 2 years included 7 years included
Portal Export Export shipment data to be used in for example your own BI, Commerce, ERP or WMS application. No No Yes
MyParcels (incl. logo) MinaPaket, Create happier customers through improving the user experience and reducing
customer service costs.
Insurance Option to purchase extended parcel insurance
when generating shipments.
Ship Advisor or Delivery Checkout Offer your customers the choices they want and turn
all those baskets into sales.
Shipment notifications (SMS) Possibility to send SMS. Additional cost for the SMS message applies. No ADD-ON ADD-ON
Scan App Forget difficult to use PDA scanners. Scan App Pro
allows you to scan your shipping labels and keep
track of parcels moving throughout your network.
Private cloud Hosting in AWS nShift on dedicated (virtual) servers. No No ADD-ON


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