Black Friday: How retailers can offer greener delivery and returns




Win over customers and become more sustainable by going greener in last mile deliveries and returns this Black Friday!

Black Friday has been blamed for an increase in waste and emissions. Now retailers have the opportunity to go greener with their last mile deliveries and offer more sustainable delivery and return options to consumers. Not only will this reduce emissions, but also increase conversions at checkout, as customers are becoming environmentally conscious increasingly picking retailers with greener footprints.

In this webinar, experts in sustainability and returns, Fredrik Lindhagen and Philipp Goldberg, guides you through the four steps retailers can take towards sustainable shipping for Black Friday:

  1. Offering sustainable delivery options
  2. Optimizing last-mile deliveries
  3. Track emissions and create a benchmark for improvement
  4. Reduce waste by converting unwanted purchases into exchanges
fredrik lindhagen BW

Fredrik Lindhagen

Product Director TMS at nShift

Fredrik has 12+ years of experience within the shipping industry. At nShift his responsibility is in developing our Transport Management Solution as well as evolving the Emissions Dashboard allowing customers to keep track of and reduce their CO2 emissions.


Philipp Goldberg

Product Director Returns at nShift

Philipp is an expert in how to optimize returns processes for retailers and consumers through digitalization. At nShift, his responsibility is in developing our returns solution ensuring it meet’s retailers’ and consumers’ needs for efficient and simple returns removing manual steps and waste in the returns process.