On- Demand Webinar 

How to provide a state of the art delivery experience with seamless carrier connectivity

Accelerate sale conversion rates and gain loyal customers with a frictionless delivery experience based on high-quality carrier connectivity

The cornerstone of every great delivery experience is the carrier. However, integrating with a carrier, maintaining the connectivity, and staying convenient and innovative in delivery options can become a real headache for shippers and retailers.

Over the last 20 years connecting with carriers has dramatically changed as they continue to update their delivery services and data formats, challenging retailers and shippers to keep up.

On the other side, consumers are increasingly demanding and will switch to a competitor if the delivery experience fails at the drop of a hat. One of the secrets to delivering a faultless service lies with carrier connectivity.

Join this webinar to find out:

  • What is a carrier library, and why is it essential for retailers and shippers
  • How do retailers and shippers benefit from nShift’s carrier connectivity strategy
  • How to stay convenient and innovative in your delivery proposition


johan hellman

Johan Hellman
Vice President Carrier Management at nShift


Johan has 15+ years of experience within the logistics and shipping industry, holding senior management roles across 3PL, TMS, Supply Chain and Carrier Management. At nShift, Johan is responsible for our world-leading carrier library, including the pre-built connections to carriers and transport service providers worldwide.


Nathalie Arnér
Director of Carrier Library at nShift


Nathalie has 11+ years of experience within the tech and delivery management industry specializing in carriers in roles such as Technical Project Manager and Product Owner of the carrier development. At nShift, Nathalie is responsible for maintaining and developing our carrier library currently at 850+ carriers and growing continously.