Navigating peak season with Amazon Shipping:

Learnings and opportunities for 2024 consumer demand

Webinar | 14 March | 13:00-13:30 GMT


Join our exclusive webinar with Amazon Shipping

As peak delivery demand continues to shift earlier each year, staying ahead is crucial for retailers.

In collaboration with Retail Gazette, Amazon Shipping surveyed UK shippers to uncover the key delivery insights from the 2023 peak season. Join us for an exploration of the findings of their 2023 peak report, exploring key trends, peak trading figures, consumer expectations, and the evolving landscape of reliable parcel delivery.

Gain valuable insights and practical strategies to prepare for upcoming demand spikes in 2024!


3 key learnings from this webinar:
  • Early anticipation is crucial: Shift in demand requires proactive strategies.

  • Data-driven insights: Collaborative surveys inform decision-making for peak season.

  • Prepare for spikes: Gain insights for reliable parcel delivery.


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Paul McKeever

Head of Large retailer sales at Amazon Shipping

Paul leads the Large Retailer sales team at Amazon Shipping which is responsible for engaging and onboarding UK shippers who deliver high parcel volumes to consumers. He is focused on enabling ecommerce businesses, whether selling on the Amazon marketplace or not, to leverage Amazon’s personalised and actionable insights, exceptional customer service, advanced technology, and continuous drive for sustainability and efficiency.

Prior to Amazon, Paul led B2B sales and development teams for a number of leading organisations within Logistics, Consumer Electronics and Healthcare sectors.


Sean Sherwin-Smith

Product Director - Post Purchase at nShift

With 30+ years in final mile technology, product and CX, Sean has a wealth of knowledge and first hand stories to share, helping retailers understand the psychological, commercial and operational advantages that can be created in the post purchase journey. From the very early days of eCommerce, he has helped and advised retailers and carriers how to keep customers engaged after they have clicked the buy button and convert them into loyal brand advocates.