Building ecommerce customer experience past the point of purchase


When it comes to ecommerce, customer experience is paramount. Most ecommerce brands or enterprises front load budgets and emphasis on marketing and customer experience up until the purchase, leaving gaps in post-purchase strategy. An emphasis on closing the deal and driving to checkout is essential for ecommerce success, but the post purchase customer experience when successful conversions turn into long-standing, profitable customer relationships. With customer expectations constantly on the rise, attention to the full customer journey can help retailers stand out.

As an end-to-end delivery and experience management solution, nShift fills the gaps in the ecommerce customer experience journey with seamless transactions, customized tracking, and hassle-free returns.

nShift: your ecommerce customer experience engine

The first question customers ask after considering a purchase: “How can this get to me and when?” nShift enables businesses to meet customer demands with choice in checkout, customizable WISMO tracking communications, and easy ways to return or exchange purchases that will keep your customers coming back.

Leveraging delivery management software helps businesses manage all aspects of the delivery process, from quoting and booking to tracking and returns. With an all-in-one solution, retailers can keep their eye on inventory and warehouse logistics, keeping control over customer relationships with tracking updates and delivery notifications via the communications channels which work best for them.

In ecommerce, customer experience hinges on communication being clear, concise and consistent. Beyond what retailers communicate to customers, there is significant value in how they communicate. Consistency in message, branding and timing builds retailers’ relationships with consumers. Utilize nShift to provide that seamless shopping experience across channels.

Offering a convenient and user friendly interface from Checkout to Returns minimizes friction and frustrations in the post purchase process. nShift solutions give customers the ability to offer a wide variety of delivery options, tracking notifications and communication preferences. When customers can choose what they want, they get exactly what they want. Happy customers become loyal customers, and even if an order needs to be returned, they are more likely to opt for an exchange or revisit your ecommerce shop in the future.

nShift helps retailers improve operational efficiency, increase revenue, and improve customer satisfaction - every step of the way. From checkout to tracking and returns, enhance ecommerce customer experience to deliver loyal customers and growth.

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