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Enhancing the post purchase customer service with nShift

In today's digital era, consumer expectations are higher than ever when it comes to online shopping experiences. Customers crave transparency, communication, and convenience throughout the post purchase customer service. Recognizing this, nShift provides effective communication that keeps shoppers up to date with the status of their parcel deliveries. This is essential to attaining ecommerce excellence.

In this blog, we will delve into how nShift is contributing to an improved customer experience and highlight success stories and customer testimonials that illustrate the impact of nShift's services on customer satisfaction.

Transparent and timely communication

nShift apart is its commitment to real-time tracking of parcels and relevant communications to customers. nShift Track provides real-time updates on the delivery status, ensuring customers are always in the know. Whether it's an SMS notification, email, or mobile app alert, nShift caters to customers' preferred channels, keeping them informed at every step of the way.

Convenience and flexibility

nShift understands the importance of providing convenience and flexibility. nShift's user-friendly interface allows retailers to display and clearly badge a range of delivery options. This could include express delivery or sustainable shipping. Providing a range of delivery options at checkout increases conversions.

Customer stories

Scandinavian Luxury Group were already using nShift Delivery when, in Spring 2021, they decided to improve their webshop checkout by implementing Qliro’s checkout and payment solution, with delivery options provided through an integration with nShift. When a customer purchases an item at Scandinavian Luxury Group’s online store, they can now choose between sending it to their address or (if they want a less expensive and potentially more convenient option) to a selected carrier drop-off point where they can pick it up. Through Qliro, they can also choose to pay straight away or after delivery, for example, through an invoice or in installments. With a wider variety of payment and delivery options to choose from, 25% more site visitors are adding items to their shopping carts, and 20% fewer carts are being abandoned at the checkout. And the purchases customers are making are worth more, too. In fact, order value has gone up 28% since the new solution was implemented.

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A game-changer in the world of customer delivery experiences

nShift has proven itself to be a game-changer in the world of customer delivery experiences. By providing effective communication throughout the delivery process, directly to the social channels that shoppers use daily, nShift enables retailers to keep consumers up to date with the status of their deliveries. The success stories and customer testimonials shared in this blog are a testament to the positive impact nShift has on customer satisfaction. With relevant and timely communication, convenience, and flexibility, nShift sets the bar high for exceptional customer experiences and consistently delivers ecommerce success for its customers.

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