Three things to look for when choosing delivery management software

Three things to look for when choosing delivery management software

Delivery Management software is an element of the retail ecosystem that is only going to grow in importance. According to Reportlinker, the delivery management software market in Europe is expected to grow from US$ 389.2million in 2019 to US$ 925.3million by 2027.

 Delivery management software allows retailers to manage all aspects of their delivery processes - from issuing managing schedules to real time tracking and electronic proof of delivery. In addition, it enables retailers to send carriers the shipping data they need in the right format and capability to print the shipping labels as the carrier needs them, which is a critical issue many face.

The customers benefit, too. Delivery management software enables them to see the progress of the delivery of their goods. Through delivery management software, companies get complete information about the delivery, receive real-time updates and improved tracking of deliveries, among others.

 At its best, delivery management software can act as a strategic growth enabler. It can bring enormous benefits to the company in terms of improving brand reputation and loyalty. It enables retailers and web shops to offer a great range of delivery options in the online checkout, fully brand the delivery and keep customers informed of progress of their delivery. In other words, it can improve the customer experience. It also makes internal processes more efficient, by automating the book and print process. Delivery management software can provide useful insights that can help companies develop and evolve, which can ultimately help the business grow and flourish.

It’s something we’ve covered at length in our guide ‘shipping for growth’ which identified three key things to look for when choosing delivery management software. These are:

    1. The ability to scale – supporting the shipment needs of the business at each stage of growth. It must integrate with existing workflow processes and administration tools.
    2. A large carrier library - allowing customers to offer a wide variety of delivery options and easily expand across markets
    3. Efficient integration - a solution that works with customers’ existing infrastructure across multiple complex locations and distribution centers to provide crucial data and analytics to improve performance

We are the global leaders in delivery management software and a strategic growth enabler. This empowers our customers to deliver a better customer experience, improve customer satisfaction, provide a full range of delivery options, create new revenue opportunities and develop sustainable delivery options.

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