What is the ROI on delivery management software?

What is the ROI on delivery management software?

In retail, the checkout process is a critical juncture. It is the point where consumers either choose to hit the buy button and move the relationship with the brand to the next step, or decide not to, potentially walking away forever.

As retailers strive to create seamless, frictionless experiences for their customers, checkout conversion optimization and order tracking systems have appeared as a focal point for innovation, improvement, and a way to build the bottom line.

Keep customers coming back for more

This is particularly important when you consider how stubbornly high the rate of cart abandonment is globally. According to recent data, an average of 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned before completion, equating to a staggering £32bn ($40.14m) in lost sales globally. Much of it is driven by lack of the right delivery choice for the consumer.

Assuming checkout conversion optimization is working, and the customer clicks ‘buy’, the work for the retailer is only just beginning. They need to provide an outstanding post-purchase experience to keep the shopper coming back for more. This starts with the order tracking system which traces parcels through the distribution chain.

Helping retailers find the answers

All of which begs the question, what can retailers do to make their interactions with customers even better? For a start, these age-old problems are something retailers have been dealing with for years. If there was a solution, it would have been widely adopted already, right?

The fact is, retailers need help with finding the answers in an era where shoppers will quickly vote with their wallet at anything less than what they perceive as outstanding service. They need something that can help them show where value can be found in both checkout and tracking. What’s more, they need something that can justify its own existence - no retailer wants more technology for technology’s sake. No. Anything they adopt needs to prove clear value.

Calculate ROI on delivery management software

That is exactly why we launched our ROI calculators for Checkout and Track. As well as being both simple and free, our tools can quickly provide retailers with an idea of the increased revenue gains that can be made by deploying nShift for checkout conversion optimization or as an order tracking system.

All retailers need to do is provide some basic information:

  1. Average order value
  2. Number of annual orders
  3. Your current 'Click & Collect' status
  4. What is your net gross margin (%)

That’s it. We know the hard work that goes into winning - and then, keeping - custom so we’ve made this as simple as possible.

Finding value with Checkout and Track

nShift Checkout drives ecommerce success with checkout optimization and carrier management. It enables web shops to seamlessly display a range of delivery options. By using visual cues to clearly badge different options – such as displaying a green leaf for lower-emissions deliveries – retailers can create a checkout experience that gives shoppers the shipping solutions they seek, in a way that is intuitive and easy to navigate.

nShift Track is cutting-edge branded parcel tracking software designed to build customer loyalty.

For more information about nShift delivery management software, please get in touch or book a demo with our team.


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