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Backshop streamlines its delivery process with nShift


For 25 years, Backshop has been selling products to businesses and consumers that enable people to work with computers comfortably and ergonomically. Since implementing nShift, they have streamlined their entire delivery process, saving time and money and preventing errors.

Solutions used

Transsmart integrated with CRM, Exact

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The challenge

As an advisory distributor and supplier of ergonomic mice, keyboards and accessories to B2B and B2C customers in the Benelux region and around the world, Backshop has a complex delivery operation to manage. But until recently, the company’s logistics processes were far too cumbersome.

Mandy Kornet, who is responsible for sales and marketing at Backshop, explains: “Sales arise from our showroom, but also from our webshop. So we deliver from our own location and our own warehouse and process orders daily. It is very important that the logistics processes run smoothly, but we had to carry out too many actions to ultimately be able to deliver."

“We can now work very pragmatically and switch very quickly. That is great for us and our customers.

  • Mandy Kornet, Backshop
Backshop Desk Ergonomics

The Solution

Backshop started using nShift Ship in 2019, with nShift providing the integration with the company’s existing CRM system, Exact. The support provided by nShift meant that everything was up and running quickly, and Backshop were soon enjoying the benefits of a fully streamlined delivery management process.

Mandy says: “The entire process – from receiving an order to processing the packing slip and shipping label – is automated. This saves us a lot of time, but also prevents us from making small mistakes in the process. As a result, we can also provide feedback to our customers faster or, for example, to sales channel The track and trace information is immediately available and is automatically created and updated. So everything is much more streamlined.”

“By implementing smarter software, far fewer hands are needed, leaving a lot of time for other things. A great opportunity to grow and keep growing at Backshop!

Mandy Kornet, Backshop

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