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Your entire ecommerce returns flow in one platform

See, manage and solve all return-related issues in one place. From business rules to refund values. From automatic notifications to track and trace.

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What is Return Admin?

One-stop-shop for managing returns, exchanges, and claims that everyone in your returns organization can use. Customer service. Warehousing. Finance. You name it.

Admin helps you:

  • See and manage every aspect of returns management
  • Solve issues in seconds
  • Communicate and escalate returns internally

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How it works

It could not be simpler. As soon as a consumer submits a return digitally, our automated system takes over, applying smart business rules set by you. Result? A smoother, more accurate returns process - for your customers and your business.

No need to make any IT adjustments, either. Return Admin integrates seamlessly with your current setup or you can use it as the lone hub for your entire returns operation.

Additional features to Admin

No matter what industry, language, or platforms you are working in, Return Admin makes returns smart, automated, and stress-free.

Smart business rules

Adapt your process to different markets, customer segments, and product categories.


Automated notifications are proven to reduce the number of return-related tickets for customer service.

Adjust refund values

Refund, repair or offer a discount - the choice is yours.

Parcel tracking

Keep track of all parcels, and resolved tickets through a simple dashboard view.

Getting started

nShift Return is a modular solution covering all parts of the returns management journey. So once we understand the needs of your customers, partners, suppliers, and IT ecosystem, we can tailor a solution to match.

Want some parts of your process automated but not others? Need a different approach in unique markets or areas of high growth? No problem. Our aim is to help you generate maximum value as quickly as possible, whatever kind of solution you need.

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