Return Analytics

Data-driven and proactive returns management

Analytics uses your data to build a detailed picture of which products are coming back and why. So you can reduce your returns rate, minimize costs and give customers the best possible shopping experience.

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What is Return Analytics?

The data-driven dashboard that enables you to identify trends and work proactively with returns management to improve profitability, customer experience, and rate of returns.

Analytics helps you:

  • Analyze the return performance of various markets, products, and subcontractors
  • Visualize returns data, and actively work to reduce the return rate
  • Understand the consumer's reason for returns, exchanges, and claims

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How it works

Visualize and compare all your returns data to answer key questions about your returns process:

  • How do return rates vary between different markets?
  • Are there any factors that returned goods have in common?
  • What are the underlying causes of returns and complaints?

Additional features to Analytics

Identify ways to improve long-term profitability by using Return Analytics to analyze data in real-time and gain insights into the what, where, and why of returns.


Integrate seamlessly with a BI-system for additional visualization.

Insights and reporting

Generate insights and reports to evaluate subcontractors, or optimize internal processes.


Select criteria in the smart search bar to see relevant data in the form of graphs, charts, or data points.

How to get started

nShift Return is a modular solution covering all parts of the returns management journey. So once we understand the needs of your customers, partners, suppliers, and IT ecosystem, we can tailor a solution to match.

Want some parts of your process automated but not others? Need a different approach in unique markets or areas of high growth? No problem. Our aim is to help you generate maximum value as quickly as possible, whatever kind of solution you need.

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