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Customers can return, swap or claim in just a couple of clicks. Result? More revenue converted to new purchases. Lots more happy customers coming back for more.

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What is Return Consumer?

The nShift Return module digitizes your entire return registration process. Submit a return. Report a claim. Exchange for a new product or size. Select a shipping provider. Shoppers can do it all in a few clicks and every return experience is uniquely tailored to them.

Consumer helps you:

  • Reconvert 30% of all returns into new purchases through exchanges
  • Digitize the return registration process and eliminate paperwork forever
  • Establish a consumer dialogue tailored to your brand, products, markets, customers, and more

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How it works

Return Consumer makes the returns experience quick and easy for shoppers. All they need to do is:

  • Log in using email, order number, or social media
  • Click to return, claim or exchange the item and, if relevant, choose a new product
  • Select a shipping method
  • Hit submit
  • Sit back, relax and wait for automated updates on the status of their return

Additional features to Consumer

Manage and optimize daily operations with Return Consumer and tailor the solution to meet your customers' expectations and needs.

Returns, claims, exchanges

Set up and tailor your functionality for different markets.

Smart shipping selector

Minimize costs by automatically selecting optimum shippers based on goods, geographic location and business rules.

Branded experience

Create a smooth, personalized experience for every single customer.

Refunds and accounting

Automate accounting and refunds - or choose to make a partial refund to the consumer.

Getting started

nShift Return is a modular solution covering all parts of the returns management journey. So once we understand the needs of your customers, partners, suppliers, and IT ecosystem, we can tailor a solution to match.

Want some parts of your process automated but not others? Need a different approach in unique markets or areas of high growth? No problem. Our aim is to help you generate maximum value as quickly as possible, whatever kind of solution you need.

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