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Reduce your climate impact – and help customers do the same

Give products new life in circular e-commerce. Make it easy for shoppers to return items for recycling, reuse, and reselling.

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What is Return Rescue?

Sustainability module that promotes circular consumption and reduces climate impact - for you and your customers.With Return Rescue, products that were once loved by consumers can be given several new leases of life.

Rescue helps you:

  • Reduce your climate impact by actively working with sustainability
  • Reuse materials in new products, or resell items to a secondary market
  • Prevent contaminants caused by production, manufacturing and transportation of new materials

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How it works

Integrating seamlessly with all other nShift Return modules, Return Rescue makes it quick and easy for shoppers to return once-loved items they no longer want. All they need to do is:

  • Log in using email, order number, or social media
  • Select the product in their order history that they wish to Rescue
  • Receive store credit which they can use to buy a new product from your webshop
  • Send item back
  • Rest easy, knowing that the returned item has been repaired, recycled, or resold rather than going to waste

ASKET Revivaljakob-dworsky-asket-revival

Powered by nShift Return's Rescue module

Return Rescue is co-developed with ASKET, a leading sustainability brand known for its commitment to curbing over-consumption.

Jakob Dworsky (pictured), co-founder of ASKET says: “Since launching, our philosophy has always been to create clothes that stand the test of time ensuring they are worn and used more. Now, six years in, we learned that some of our customers are done with their pieces. Having already entrusted nShift with our returns process, we believed that they would be the perfect partner to help us take the process a step further and claim responsibility for our garments at the end of their useful life.”

Read more about ASKET Revival

Getting started

nShift Return is a modular solution covering all parts of the returns management journey. So once we understand the needs of your customers, partners, suppliers, and IT ecosystem, we can tailor a solution to match.

Want some parts of your process automated but not others? Need a different approach in unique markets or areas of high growth? No problem. Our aim is to help you generate maximum value as quickly as possible, whatever kind of solution you need.

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