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Returns management in under 10 seconds

A super-efficient, super-simple returns management tool – created by warehouse workers, for warehouse workers.

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What is Return Warehouse?

Eliminate more than 90% of return handling time with a module that simplifies inventory administration and lets you track return shipping in real-time.

Warehouse helps you:

  • Handle every return in under 10 seconds (compared to an average manual handling time of 5-15 minutes)
  • Connect your warehouse to other departments involved in returns
  • Track incoming returned parcels and adjust staffing accordingly

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Integration option to WMS or ERP

Rather integrate nShift Return directly with your WMS or ERP? No problem. Every module is optional and we will always tailor the setup to your needs.

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How it works

Use Return Warehouse in all your warehouses and stores to reduce per-item handling times from 5-15 minutes to less than 10 seconds. The process couldn't be simpler:

1. Scan the label's barcode or QR code with a hand scanner
2. Open parcel and check the product
3. Click 'OK'
4. Done!

Additional features to Warehouse

Created by users for users, Return Warehouse helps you simplify everyday warehouse operations and improve returns communications across your organization.

Forecast parcel volumes

Optimize staffing levels and inventory flow by tracking every item in real-time as they make their way back to you.

Optimized for barcode scans

Connect a barcode scanner to scan return labels.

Tool for internal comms

Allow all departments within the the returns team to communicate via a single platform.

A smart search field

Enable warehouse staff to search for return information by name, email, order number and more.

Getting started

nShift Return is a modular solution covering all parts of the returns management journey. So once we understand the needs of your customers, partners, suppliers, and IT ecosystem, we can tailor a solution to match.

Want some parts of your process automated but not others? Need a different approach in unique markets or areas of high growth? No problem. Our aim is to help you generate maximum value as quickly as possible, whatever kind of solution you need.

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