5 tips: How retailers can go from Black Friday to Green Friday



Most shoppers want to shop sustainably. Indeed, some 88% of shoppers expect brands to help them live more sustainably. At the same time, the biggest shopping day of them all, Black Friday, has been blamed for an increase in waste and emissions.

This year, it is crucial that retailers make a commitment to sustainability this Black Friday by showcasing their shared priorities and values and create tangible ways to make sustainable choices for online shoppers.

5 strategies to help reduce emissions

In this webinar, Sean Sherwin-Smith explores changing customer behaviors and guides you through the 5 key strategies below to help reduce emissions in the last leg of the online shopping cycle.

  • Offer more sustainable delivery options
  • Drive consumers instore
  • Offset schemes and charitable giving
  • Make returns digital
  • Measure and report on emissions
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Sean Sherwin-Smith


With 30+ years in final mile technology, product and CX, Sean has a wealth of knowledge and first hand stories to share, helping retailers understand the psychological, commercial and operational advantages that can be created in the post purchase journey. From the very early days of eCommerce, he has helped and advised retailers and carriers how to keep customers engaged after they have clicked the buy button and convert them into loyal brand advocates.