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Managing Returns in a Post-Pandemic World: Strategies for Handling Increased Return Volumes




Navigating the Challenges around Processing Times for Returns and Improving Efficiency

Build customer loyalty and reduce the overall processing time associated with returns! Learn more about all the functionalities of nShift Returns Essential from our top expert Jyo Saikia, Product Director of nShift Returns.

On average, 1 in 3 items purchased online are returned and retailers say that up to 50% of customer service time is allocated to returns management. Jyo reveals how retailers are currently managing increasing return volumes whilst cutting returns processing times.

Benefits of this webinar

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Show multiple shipping options for different items or markets

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Visualize return data and relevant KPIs

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Centralize functionalities to handle all returns


Jyo Saikia

Jyo is an experienced Head Of International Business with a demonstrated history of working in the logistics, supply chain and IT Saas industry.