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New webinar series: Post Purchase Technology Talks

Creating the best customer experience is vital to building profitability and loyalty and is essentially the new battlefield for online retailers in the never-ending competition for customers. What happens after the buy button, the so-called Post Purchase Experience is crucial to the overall online buying experience.

In this new webinar series, we talk to nShift partners enabling retailers to provide an excellent Post Purchase experience, explore consumer demands and how these are met through the newest technology.

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Natural automated talk backs with HelloDone

HelloDone is a natural language virtual assistant enabling an automated, personalised and high-quality dialogue between the online retailer and the customer via WhatsApp, Messenger and Webchat. The platform enables delivery and returns notifications as well as new loyalty and sales opportunities for retailers with more than 80% of inbound queries being deflected by the AI. Retailers can use this capability to engage customers at scale, at the most critical stages of their brand experience and in doing so reduce customer service costs by more than 25%.

Online consumers increasingly expect two-way conversations and instant answers to their questions. They want bespoke responses and often they don’t have time to navigate to a retailer’s site or update an app to find the information they need.

Dive deeper into the importance of personalised automated talk backs with the CEO of HelloDone, Ed Hodges, and Post Purchase Product Director at nShift, Sean Sherwin Smith.

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Ed Hodges

Ed Hodges

CEO, HelloDone

Ed has more than 20 years of experience across digital, apps and AI. Ed was responsible for developing Tesco’s Grocey and Clubcard apps as well as RBS and Vanquis Bank’s mobile banking stack. More recently Ed founded HelloDone which focuses on using conversational AI to automate customer service, delivery & returns tracking notifications and new marketing and loyalty opportunities via WhatsApp & Messenger.

Sean Sherwin-Smith-1

Sean Sherwin-Smith


With 30+ years in final mile technology, product and CX, Sean has a wealth of knowledge and first hand stories to share, helping retailers understand the psychological, commercial and operational advantages that can be created in the post purchase journey. From the very early days of eCommerce, he has helped and advised retailers and carriers how to keep customers engaged after they have clicked the buy button and convert them into loyal brand advocates.