nShift partners with Loqate to help retailers build profitability and loyalty

nShift partners with Loqate to help retailers build profitability and loyalty

Getting deliveries to the right destination accurately and on-time is mission-critical for retailers. It’s why nShift has announced a partnership with Loqate, a GBG solution, the leader in global address verification.

20% of ecommerce packages aren’t delivered on the first attempt

Loqate’s research has found 24% of eCommerce organizations say more than 1 in 10 orders aren’t delivered at the first attempt. Worse still, according to this report, almost three-quarters (73%) of consumers have experienced a delivery failure, with almost one-quarter (23%) indicating they would not order from that retailer again as a result.

At a time when customers expect exceptional and personalized service, the ability to gather accurate information relating to delivery is crucial. It not only cuts the cost and time associated with delivery failure, but it helps avoid customer frustration when things go wrong.

Solutions for Checkout and Ship

The partnership with Loqate enables retailers of all sizes to have a best-in-class system for capturing and accurately verifying customer data at the heart of their delivery offering. Furthermore, Loqate’s solutions can integrate with existing ecommerce platforms and payment systems ensuring a speedy and seamless integration.

It initially involves the integration of two different solutions from Loqate.

Customers using nShift Checkout will have access to Address Capture. This integrates directly into a retailer’s checkout enabling real-time, type-ahead address capture from the most curated location data in the world. As well as this, nShift Ship customers can also use Loqate’s global Address Verification solution.This verifies, corrects, and enriches address data to the highest level of precision and confidence, globally and at scale.

Four benefits for retailers

Getting delivery information right the first time, every time, is vital for retailers because it leads to considerable benefits including:

  1. Cutting delivery costs - Organizations can avoid huge fees incurred due to failed deliveries caused by inconsistent and incorrectly formatted delivery address data.Inaccurate addresses must be verified, corrected, and enriched to ensure a successful delivery.
  2. Reducing failed delivery - Loqate’s API contact data validation enables nShift customers to flag incorrect email and phone data ahead of a delivery, significantly reducing failed deliveries and the associated costs.
  3. Improving customer experience – Retailers can ensure precise delivery data at checkout, facilitating better informed route planning and last mile operational efficiencies.
  4. Preventing re-labelling costs Loqate’s address verification solution reformats addresses cutting out the need for costly and time-consuming re-labelling.

Kartik Venkatesh, Chief Technology Officer, Loqate said, “Despite the massive improvements made in retail, many organizations are still struggling to get delivery information right the first time - and the cost is huge. Businesses need complete assurance their delivery data is on top form - after all, better data means better deliveries. Reaching customers on time, every time not only saves time and money but importantly, builds long-term customer loyalty and is key to achieving desired business outcomes.”

Check out the webinar for more info.

For more information on the partnership, please visit https://nshift.com/ or watch our webinar.

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