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nShift helps Hack Your Closet save time – and the planet


Personal styling subscription service, Hack Your Closet, wanted to automate its shipping process. With nShift, they have found a solution that not only reduces manual labor but helps them cut carbon emissions as well.

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The Challenge

Hack Your Closet is on a mission to reduce and prevent overproduction in the clothing industry – and it’s doing it with a simple but brilliant idea. Through the company’s subscription service, customers are recommended and sent four garments each month, which are selected for them based on the style profile they create on sign-up. At the end of the month, the customer returns the clothes (to be washed and sent out again to another customer) and receives new recommendations.

The benefits of the service – for customers and the climate – are potentially huge. Clothing production accounts for around one-tenth of global greenhouse gas emissions. By borrowing (rather than buying) clothes that come exclusively out of overstocks, samples and second-hand sources, Hack Your Closet subscribers can make a huge dent in their annual carbon footprint.

For optimum results, the delivery process needs to be seamless – and, as far as possible, sustainable too. The Hack Your Closet team was therefore looking for an automated shipping solution that would enable them to connect with the carrier partners offering the most low-carbon delivery options on the market.

A user-friendly integration is always the best solution when you have a team that’s growing – and that’s what we get with nShift. It’s fast, it’s efficient and it’s very easy to find information and help on the nShift website.

Diana Saloum, Distribution Manager for Hack Your Closet


The Solution

Hack Your Closet ships to 1,000s of monthly subscribers at a time. Previously, the team was able to bulk order – but not bulk print. This lead to huge amounts of manual printing per customer and lots of time spent processing each order. With nShift Delivery, they can now manage bulk ordering and bulk printing for unlimited numbers of customers, significantly reducing the time and effort spent on delivery management.

 Crucially, nShift also makes it easy for Hack Your Closet to onboard new shipping partners, meaning the team can continuously pursue more local and more sustainable carrier options, reducing their carbon footprint even further. This includes options for both home delivery and post office collection. Customers in Stockholm can choose to have carbon-free deliveries, which are brought to them by bicycle.


The Results

Hack Your Closet’s shipping process has got significantly faster and more seamless since the introduction of nShift Delivery. Diana Saloum, Distribution Manager for Hack Your Closet, explains: “We ship to approximately 700 customers each week. Bulk ordering for this many customers used to take around half an hour and the manual printing was taking us a further two and a half hours. With nShift, we are able to do it all in one hour. So the whole process is now three times faster than it was before.”

nShift is also helping Hack Your Closet to reduce even further the carbon emissions associated with each monthly clothes box. The figure currently stands at 0.8kg of CO2 per box, which is 97% less impactful than if the customer were to buy three new items of clothing that month. But, according to Diana, there is still more that can be done. “We are currently in discussions with nShift about adding QR codes to our labels. This would mean the customer could reuse the label for the return delivery, halving the number of labels we have to print.”

Bulk ordering for approximately 700 customers a week used to take around half an hour and the manual printing was taking us a further two and a half hours. With nShift, we are able to do it all in one hour. So the whole process is now three times faster than it was before.

Diana Saloum, Distribution Manager for Hack Your Closet

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